Wildlife Art

Spike Knuth is a self-taught artist, photographer and author. Born in Milwaukee, WI in August 1937, his interest in the outdoors began at age 7 with birds and fishing in southeastern Wisconsin’s Okauchee Lake. From age 8-13, he spent many summer vacations and any other opportunities he had, honing his fishing and nature study skills. His interests expanded when he moved with his parents and brother to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in east central Wisconsin. Here he spent countless hours around big Lake Winnebago, in nearby Supple and Eldorado marshes, the world famous Horicon Marsh, Lake Butte des Mortes and many other marshes and lakes in the area.

During this same time period, he expressed his interest and love of wildlife and the outdoors through the developing of his talent in art. He began studying plants and flowers so when he depicted wildlife in his paintings the vegetation depicted would be genuine.

His childhood dream and desire of wanting to be an outdoor writer and wildlife illustrator full time, came to fruition in February, 1974, when he began working for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

“Oddly, art was not my initial interest; wildlife and the outdoors were. But I began to write and illustrate wildlife because wildlife fascinated me and I felt the urge to want to share my fascination and interest in the creation through my artwork and writing.  I think it helped too that my mom and dad were accomplished gardeners. It was another niche of learning that added to my interests in the future. “They of course encouraged me a lot in my early years. “There is a never-ending supply of subject matter out there and I was always driven to put a name to some new creature; an insect, or turtle, or plant.  My dream now is to illustrate as many birds, fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and plants as I can.”
Upcoming Art Shows

March 16 - 18, 2012
Rappahannock River Waterfowl Show
Sponsored by and held at the White Stone Volunteer Fire Department in White Stone, VA.
Information: 804-435-6355, or or

April 5 - 7, 2012
Chincoteague Island Easter Decoy and Art Festival
Sponsored by Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce and held at the Chincoteague Combined School in Chincoteague Island VA. Information: 757-336-6161, or
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